Person ID: I37466 Elizabeth CAMERON ( - ) in the Clan MacLennan Records

Name: Elizabeth CAMERON Birth: date unknown in Scotland; Death: date unknown in place unknown; Parents: unknown; Spouse: Donald McLENNAN married in 1877 at Scotland Number of children recorded: 4; Spouse: Unknown UNKNOWN married in bef 1886 at unknown place Number of children recorded: 1

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Photo of photos/thumb_Duncan McLennan 1817-1894 portrait_crop

The Records have many other individuals with a similar name, as few examples below:

IdFirst NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
I15001ElizabethCAMERONabt 182530 Jul 1872 Scotland
I19363ElizabethCAMERONabt 1882
I30400ElizabethCAMERONabt 1889 Canada
I38164ElizabethCAMERONabt 1775 Scotland26 Apr 1855 Scotland

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