Person ID: I36025 John McLENNAN ( - ) in the Clan MacLennan Records

Name: John McLENNAN Birth: date unknown in place unknown; Death: date unknown in place unknown; Parents: unknown; Spouse: Mary Louisa MILLER married in 1917 at Scotland Number of children recorded: 2

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Photo of photos/Donnie McLennan 1874-1964 headshot

The Records have many other individuals with a similar name, as few examples below:

IdFirst NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
I1000JohnMcLENNAN1787 Scotland
I10006JohnMcLENNAN25 Aug 1870 Scotland
I10010JohnMcLENNAN4 Aug 1870 Scotland5 Oct 1898 Scotland
I10011JohnMcLENNAN5 May 1870 Scotland
I1002JohnMcLENNAN1787 Scotland4 Nov 1855 Scotland
I10045JohnMcLENNAN13 Apr 1870 Scotland4 Mar 1908 Scotland
I10079JohnMcLENNAN17 Apr 1871 Scotland
I10096JohnMcLENNAN13 Feb 1871 Scotland19 Feb 1871 Scotland
I10104JohnMcLENNAN22 Sep 1871 Scotland
I10106JohnMcLENNAN6 Jun 1871 Scotland

We have many photos of Mac/McLennans like these (low-res versions shown) below:

Photo of photos/Donnie McLennan 1874-1964 headshot Photo of photos/Thomas McLennan cooper bn abt 1868 Photo of headstones/thumb_Myra Mae Crossman nee MacLennan 1915-1987 hdstn St PetersRd cem PEI Photo of headstones/Duncan McLENNAN d1876 hdstn Clunes w Lach