Person ID: I14893 Donald MCKENZIE ( - ) in the Clan MacLennan Records

Name: Donald MCKENZIE Birth: date unknown in place unknown; Death: date unknown in place unknown; Parents: unknown; Spouse: Kate McLENNAN married in unknown date in unknown place

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Photo of photos/thumb_Duncan McLennan bn Moray 1865 portrait

The Records have many other individuals with a similar name, as few examples below:

IdFirst NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
I13496DonaldMcKENZIEabt 1810 Scotland16 Jan 1901 Scotland
I13553DonaldMcKENZIEabt 1812 Scotland4 Sep 1872 Scotland
I13554DonaldMcKENZIE1859 Scotland
I13928DonaldMcKENZIEbef 1801Scotland
I13972DonaldMcKENZIEbef 1803Scotland
I13994DonaldMcKENZIEbef 1805Scotland
I14777DonaldMcKENZIEbef 1807Scotland
I14882DonaldMcKENZIEabt 1871 Scotland19 Nov 1950 Scotland
I15315DonaldMcKENZIEbef 1808Scotland

We have many photos of Mac/McLennans like these (low-res versions shown) below:

Photo of photos/thumb_Duncan McLennan bn Moray 1865 portrait Photo of headstones/thumb_John McLennan (d1899) & Mary McLennan (d1904) meml MellonCh Photo of headstones/thumb_William McLennan & Flora, Robert Kennnedy etc Photo of headstones/thumb_John (Jackie) Maclennan d1911 hdstn Fodderty cem