Person ID: I14743 Christina McLENNAN ( - ) in the Clan MacLennan Records

Name: Christina McLENNAN Birth: date unknown in place unknown; Death: date unknown in place unknown; Parents: unknown; Spouse: unknown

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Photo of headstones/Helen MacLennan (nee MacRae) d1895 hdstn Contin chyrd

The Records have many other individuals with a similar name, as few examples below:

IdFirst NameLast NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath DateDeath Place
I10001ChristinaMcLENNAN1870 Australia1939 Australia
I10089ChristinaMcLENNAN18 Jul 1871 Scotland29 Apr 1873 Scotland
I10095ChristinaMcLENNAN16 Jan 1871 Scotland11 Dec 1930 Scotland
I10130ChristinaMcLENNAN29 Jun 1871 Scotland
I10161ChristinaMcLENNAN18 Mar 1871 Scotland
I10223ChristinaMcLENNAN5 Jan 1871 Scotland29 Aug 1944 Scotland
I10255ChristinaMcLENNAN24 Mar 1872 Scotland4 Apr 1872 Scotland
I10274ChristinaMcLENNAN11 Jan 1872 Scotland
I10295ChristinaMcLENNAN4 Oct 1872 Scotland17 May 1972Scotland
I10327ChristinaMcLENNAN4 Sep 1872 Scotland1874 Scotland

We have many photos of Mac/McLennans like these (low-res versions shown) below:

Photo of headstones/Helen MacLennan (nee MacRae) d1895 hdstn Contin chyrd Photo of photos/Grace McLennan 1898-1973 portrait Photo of photos/Mary McLennan 1874-1970NZ portrait Photo of headstones/thumb_Alexander McLennan died 1866 MI Garve Old