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President’s Report

October 2008

Dear Members:

There’s not as much to report as I would like to have! But I am to blame…

I was diagnosed with cancer in May and had surgery in early September. Fortunately, they seem to have caught everything and I am now getting back up to full speed. We moved in mid-October and are still settling in from that, with a sudden unplanned trip to MA for a funeral. Never a dull moment! Unfortunately, this meant that I could not get over to Charleston SC to visit VP Jim Logan; nor to Stone Mountain, where Don Waugh convened our tent.

I did visit the Grandfather Mountain HG in North Carolina in July, although I wasn’t able to convene a tent there. I attended the COSCA AGM, since we pay a modest annual membership there and get good coverage in their publications. Lord Semple made an interesting presentation and invitation to  Ann and I plan to attend the Gathering and hope that many of you will be able to make the trip.

On the Executive and Clan website, technical gremlins hit us… Secretary and Membership were offline with a major system failure, and the clan website had to be relocated to a new host this Fall. It’s back up at thanks to massive effort by Bruce McLennan of Sydney Australia. As soon as his basic reconstruction is finished, I’ll be able to get up some new pages, including my President’s Report for the Year, Dale’s Treasurer Report and some fascinating stories by Eileen Johnson from CA who convened a number of Games and events over the summer.

The Executive had been considering waiving a formal Annual General Meeting in favor of presenting Reports from the President and Treasurer. I’ll be asking the Executive to formally ratify this, since we were not able to have an AGM at Stone Mountain.

The Executive will also be addressing Membership. It would help us considerably if we were to receive input from any and all of you… it’s difficult to know just what to plan and foster without a two-way communication from all members. My new e-mail address is:

Sorry about the “code”, but robots comb through these pages and highjack addresses for their spam lists. You’ll recognize how to substitute dot and at. For those using conventional mail, I’m at:

David Jones
740 Chapman Loop,
The Villages
FL 32162-4508.

Yours aye!

David Jones
Clan MacLennan USA

2009 President’s Report

The past year has seen a mixture of activity…

Our Conveners have represented the Clan at many Games and events. Eileen MacLennan-Johnson was at several in California, including Sacramento, which I was able to attend, and Sonora, Woodland Livermore, Costa Mesa, Pleasanton and Ventura, as well as Enumclaw [Seattle] WA and Reno NV. Eileen also reports that she has recruited a representative to do the Enumclaw [Seattle] WA Games next year – probably the largest in the Pacific Northwest. Don Waugh was at Miami, Orlando and Dunedin FL and Stone Mountain GA. Jim Logan was at Charleston SC, which I was also able to attend. I thank our Conveners for their hours of work representing the Clan, and for their very kind hospitality when I was with them.

On the downside, I have not been able to make contact by any means with one of our Secretaries and Newsletter Editor. I know that last summer and earlier this year Colleen was quite ill, had some serious computer malfunctions, and was due to have two of her sons return from active duty with the military. However, repeated attempts by telephone, e-mail and regular mail all produced no response. I will continue to try, and expect that in due course I will be able to get back the various Association records that she has in her possession as Secretary.

We did not get out a Newsletter for about a year now, since Colleen was the Editor. I will ask the Executive to appoint a new Editor at this AGM.

Perhaps related, I have also been unable to contact her son Banning McKeon who was our Membership coordinator. Working with records of deposits from our Treasurer, I have been able to bring the membership records up-to-date.

Membership continues to worry me. The Executive and I have not been able to meet my expectations for growing our membership – or even retaining members. Our web site was unable to accept payments for a short while, but it has been fully functional for some time now. I will ask the Executive to appoint a new and more active membership coordinator ASAP.

During the summer, Eileen MacLennan-Johnson accepted appointment as Secretary, so I look forward to her getting actively involved in that function. I have seen Eileen in action with the California Clan reps, where she has become an active and valued member of that group.

On the upside, with Executive elections due again this year, the entire Executive with the exception of Colleen, who was not available, has agreed to run again. I am most thankful for this support.

I firmly believe that regular communication is essential to keep and grow our membership. Eileen has agreed to assume the role of Newsletter Editor and ensure we get out a regular edition of our Newsletter. However, this should not be the task of one person – a Newsletter needs…DUH!! – NEWS. That means newsworthy material from all of the membership. I am hoping that we can prevail upon some of the long-standing members to contribute stories about their experiences with Association and Clan matters. In particular, genealogy and history is ALWAYS interesting. Personally, I think it is not so important that a newsletter be lengthy as that it be reasonably frequent – such as quarterly.

I’m also hoping that we can get some input from folks who were at The Gathering in Scotland this past summer. My wife Ann and I had planned to attend, but when it came time to book, the market was down badly and we had to forego the expense of that trip. Fortunately, I was able to use accumulated travel points to get to Sacramento and Charleston, but we did no major trips this year.

In closing, I sincerely thank Jim, Dale, Marilyn, Don, and Eileen for their support and counsel and look forward to the coming year with renewed focus on communication.

David Jones, President

October 17, 2009

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